thermoformingAGT Products is a world-class industry leader in the manufacture and supply of Point-of-Purchase Products to retail businesses.
Our customer base continues to grow and includes many leading retailers and manufacturers worldwide.


At AGT Products, we stand committed to providing fast and easy merchandise solutions that meet your highest quality standards in every retail environment.



AGT Products provides solutions for :

•  Creating the best looking, most durable, and well-organized displays that will  attract customers' attention and increase merchandise sales

•  Presenting Product, Price, and Promotional information with maximum visibility for greater impact that will encourage consumer spending
•  Managing Shelf and Product Categories for optimal retail space and labor efficiency, greater accessibility to inventory on shelves, increased flexibility of display designs, and overall positive contribution to an improved store appearance


injection-moldingAGT Products offers to its customers :

•  The widest range of products and custom-manufacturing capabilities, the industry's highest quality control standards, unbeatable lowest product pricing, the fastest delivery schedules, and the most outstanding customer service found anywhere.

•  Highly skilled engineers with years of technical R & D expertise readily available to assist you in developing customized solutions for your retail applications

•  Immediate detailed attention to your orders and expedited order fulfillments with accurate and speedy shipments so we can meet your toughest deadlines


extrusionsAGT Products partners with the following industries as a provider of Merchandising Solutions:

•  Consumer Products Manufacturers
•  Retailers
•  Display Companies
•  Logistics Companies
•  AGT Customizing Capabilities

AGT Products is highly specialized in a wide range of manufacturing capabilities including laminating, die cutting, rotary, slitting, thermoforming and extrusions. Our machining expertise and high quality control standards throughout the entire production and shipping process ensures consistent performance, reliability, precision craftmanship, and the ability to meet the toughest deadlines.


AGT Products warehouses many of the premium and brand name raw materials to enable immediate fabrication of ordered parts to reduce our customer's costs and turnaround timeframes. We continually exceed our customers' expectations when it comes to speedy deliveries and minimizing costs.


AGT Products has the capability to manufacture your custom parts to your exact specifications.

Our highly qualified team of engineers will take your ideas and concepts and work out the most cost effective and satisfactory solutions that meet the highest quality standards in the industry.



Quality Control


   1) A 100% visual inspection is performed by our trained machine operators using the parameters and critical dimensions set by our control plan to identify any rejects

   2) The parts are then inspected once again by our QA personnel at the machine per AGT inspection level, and any rejects are logged

   3) Finally, the acceptable parts are boxed, counted, and moved to our shipping department where the count is verified and processed for shipment



Let AGT Products help you with your customized needs. Please contact us today for more information.